Best natural sonar system – Bats & dolphins

Best natural sonar system – Bats & dolphins

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Bats and dolphins find their way in complete darkness, or murky waters, using a biological sonar system called echolation. This involves emitting ultrasonic chirps (or clicks) and interpreting the echo the sound waves make after bouncing off objects and other creatures in their vicinity.

Echolation is so accurate that with each chirp, a bat or dolphin can tell the location, size, direction and even the physical nature of an object.

Bat echolation

If you’re an insect flying 15-20 feet away from a bat in complete darkness – you’ve had it! Remarkably, bats prevent damage to their own ears by closing them with every wing stroke.

Dolphin echolation

An echolating dolphin can detect a 2.5 cm object, such as a big coin, from over 70 metres away.

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