Best navigator using sound – The pigeon

Best navigator using sound – The pigeon

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Like elephants, pigeons can hear sounds at exceptionally low frequencies and this helps to explain their exceptional sense of direction. For example, steep hillsides reflect airbourne sound waves horizontally, providing a unique low-frequency beacon that pigeons can perceive for hundreds of miles. And there is vast source of such infra-sound in nature – thunderstorms, seismic activity, even the motion of the sea – allowing pigeons to build an acoustic landscape which is totally unknown to us. Pigeons also possess the equivalent of an in-built compass which allows them to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field and the position of the Sun. In combination with their hearing – this makes them, probably, the best navigators in nature.

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Vliegendeolifant is in 2010 opgericht door René Pieneman (1972). Na zijn studie Bedrijfskunde had hij diverse functies in de gezondheidszorg en de zakelijke dienstverlening. Tien jaar volgde hij meditatieretraites, reisde hij twee jaar in Zuidoost Azië en sinds vijf jaar volgt hij coachingsopleidingen waardoor hij bijzondere interesse in de mogelijkheden van de mens ontwikkelde.


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