Best rain detector – The elephant

Best rain detector – The elephant

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Elephants have an exceptional sense of hearing (and smell) and can hear at frequencies twenty times lower than us.  They also use their trunk and feet to hear, both of which are packed with special receptors to pick up on low frequency vibrations. Their exceptional hearing ability helps them ‘tune into’ things such as thunderstorms and explains the well observed phenomenon that elephants are always the first animals to move towards rain. And it is believed their low rumble calls can be picked up by other elephants 6 km away.  One essential reason for such long distance conversation is for females to be able to make as many males in the area aware that she is ready to mate – something that happens only a few days every 2-4 years.

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Vliegendeolifant is in 2010 opgericht door René Pieneman (1972). Na zijn studie Bedrijfskunde had hij diverse functies in de gezondheidszorg en de zakelijke dienstverlening. Tien jaar volgde hij meditatieretraites, reisde hij twee jaar in Zuidoost Azië en sinds vijf jaar volgt hij coachingsopleidingen waardoor hij bijzondere interesse in de mogelijkheden van de mens ontwikkelde.

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